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Check out these videos showing events and interesting
happenings in Boundary County . . . . .
Arrival of Santa Claus in Bonners Ferry, 2009
(3 min, 13 sec)
27 November 2009.  Watch as Santa Claus himself arrives at
the downtown, and meets with all the good boys and girls.  
Excerpts from the Christmas Musical Program of the High
School and Middle School Bands and Choirs, 2009
(10 min, 25 sec)
14 December 2009.  Watch the highlights as the school district
musical groups perform their annual Christmas program.  
Christmas Light Displays in Boundary County, 2009
(3 min, 13 sec)
From Christmas 2009.  Christmas holiday light displays from
homes around the county and from several of the downtown
business Christmas display windows.
Veterans' Day Community Program, 2009
(4 min, 8 sec)
11 November 2009.  Special program held downtown at the
eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month to
recognize our veterans.  
How About a Real Music Video?
(4 min, 1 sec)
Video of Eilen Jewell, originally from Boise, Idaho,
performing her song
Boundary County live at DeSmet.        
used with permission)
Penguin Plunge, 2010
(2 min, 28 sec)
20 March 2010.  A chilling plunge into the icy Kootenai River, to
raise money for a community cause.
School Bands Christmas Concert, 2010
(14 min, 21 sec)
14 December 2010.  The BFHS Bands and the Bands of Boundary
County Middle School perform in the 2010 Christmas Concert.
MotoCross 2010
(1 min, 16 sec)
24 July 2010. Short video of the excitement of the annual
MotoCross event, held at the Fairgrounds.
Local High School Band, 2011
(8 min, 28 sec)
31 March 2011.  Performance at High
School Talent Show.
Boundary County School District 101
Community Meeting on M&O Levy, 2011
(2 hours, 13 min, 27 sec)
Original meeting 21 April 2011.  You can watch the entire
meeting replayed here.
2011 Memorial Day Parade and Veterans' Remembrance Ceremony
May 31, 2011.  (11 min,11 sec)
Those great Bonners Ferry parades!
Watch summary and highlights of the Boundary County 2011 Memorial Day
Parade and Veterans' Service.  If you couldn't make it to the parade, here's your
chance to see it!
Eastport, Idaho Independence Day Parade, 2011
(6 min, 23 sec)
4 July 2011.  See it for yourself--the only parade held in Boundary County
on Independence Day 2011.  Eastport, Idaho comes through again!
Video Highlights of
July 16-17, 2011     (Video lasts 10 min, 6 sec)
Largest 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament in our area!
Boundary County Video Revue
Note:  Click on any image to begin the video.
25 June 2006.  The call for help went out on that day in June 2006, and
many responded to help protect downtown Bonners Ferry by sandbagging
the banks of the Kootenai River near the Kootenai River Inn.
(Video lasts 4 min 24 sec).
Video Highlights of
September 10, 2011    (Video lasts 10 min, 24 sec)
Video Highlights of
September 10, 2011       (Video lasts 5 min, 48 sec)
OCTOBER 21, 2011       (Video lasts 9 min, 09 sec)
Watch some of the Opening Night Festivities, including the
Red Carpet Runway Gala Event, sponsored by
Bonners Ferry Veterans' Day Memorial Service, 2011
(7 min, 18 sec)
11 November 2011.  Community Program held at the
Veterans' Memorial Park in downtown Bonners Ferry, in
recognition of our Veterans.
Bonners Ferry Downtown Christmas Tree Lighting, 2011
(4 min,  55 sec)
25 November 2011.  Watch the celebration as the Christmas
Tree is lit and Santa Claus comes to town.
This video also shows Downtown Storefront Christmas Display
(3 min, 50 sec)
December 15 - 17, 2011.  Take a tour of the Gingerbread Houses
(and other Gingerbread structures) that were entered in this year's
Gingerbread Winter Village.  This Christmas Event was held at the
Boundary County Museum.