Just  a quick note to let you know that after arriving safely home in Lethbridge I
logged into your site and enjoyed watching the game again.

I thought you guys did a great job.  Good job on the announcing!

Sad to say that this was my family's last trip to Bonners Ferry as my youngest of 3
football playing sons is in his last year of high school.  We have certainly enjoyed this
long time relationship between our two schools and the great games the teams have
had over the years.  BFHS have been fantastic hosts to our team.

I had a good chuckle at being recognized after my son (#16) scored a TD and you
announced that his dad had stopped by your station for a chat.

Your site looks great and very informative of what goes on in your community.

Keep up the good work.
--Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Boundary County Live
Mail From Our Viewers
Interesting site.  Thanks for putting this together.
--Bonners Ferry, Idaho
I'll be watching to see what other features you put up on this site.  And I think it will
be fun to see the video highlights of the homecoming game.
--Bonners Ferry, Idaho                                      
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I just looked at your awesome website.  Great work, thanks.
--Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Site looks great! GREAT content! Hope all is well in B-Town.
--Logan, Utah
Great broadcast guys!!  Camera work is smooth, the color/play commentator is
insightful, knows his basketball terminology and has clear dialogue!!  Keep up the
good work on your website and video broadcasts.
--Owasso, Oklahoma
I have enjoyed watching my grandson play ball these last 2 nights on the internet.  It is great
to be here in Mountain Home and watch him since I can't be there. Thank you very much.
--Mountain Home, Idaho
I just discovered your website and I believe you are doing a great thing for the
community.   I have a daughter that plays on the BFHS basketball team and her
grandparents and family around the country like to see her play.   Thanks & keep up
the good work!
-Bonners Ferry, Idaho
We are watching the game from the University of Washington, Seattle, and from Federal
Way!  Go Badgers!
--Federal Way, Washington
You guys are doing a great job! Thank you for broadcasting the games during the
district tournament.
--Bonners Ferry
success at our house has been the Moose Madness game, with tickets being sold out we
were able to watch in the comfort of our living room.  Keep up the good work!
--Bonners Ferry
Thanks so much for broadcasting the basketball games for BFHS. The picture is great.  
Fans from Claremore, Oklahoma--Oklahoma girls.
--Claremore, Oklahoma
Greetings from Mooseheart, Illinois.
Just want to tell you all thanks for airing our niece's basketball games.  It is so great to
the Badgers' basketball team.  Go Badgers!!!
--Mooseheart, Illinois
My daughter played sports for a Chicago Suburban High School of 4,000 students.  
It's good to have something like this.  That way, I can forward to my out of town family
and friends.  People can see what a beautiful little town we have.  Keep up with your
good work...
--Bonners Ferry
whomever put the video out of my daughter pole vaulting at the Bonners Ferry meet on
April 19th!  Our family was floored by the video.  My wife was unable to attend the meet
and was thrilled to get to see it on video. Hats off to all involved!  VERY CLASSY!!!  Thank
you again.
--Parent of Timberlake High School Student
Thank you very much for the highlight videos of the Track Meet. It was great to get to
again very much for the video broadcasts!  They are great!
--Bonners Ferry
It felt as if we were actually at the [football] game.  In fact, next week, we are going to
be serving shredded chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn and other
concession stand food.   We look forward to next week's broadcast. Keep up the great